Scrubbing weirs. No one likes to do it and, depending on your clarifier design, it can be downright dangerous.

But there it is every spring and through the summer, that annoying algae hanging off your weirs, with its slimy green making the clarifiers look terrible.

So, your operators scrub, and scrub, and scrub, sending the algae into your receiving stream where it threatens to take hold and impact your community, maybe even your community’s drinking water supply or the supply downstream.

You are treating with ferric coagulants, or maybe an aluminum-based one, to meet your phosphorus limit and reduce the algae, but still it returns. Why? The truth is aluminum and ferric-based coagulants don’t bind to the phosphorus very tightly. A shift in the pH or D.O. — which can easily happen during low flow times in the clarifier — and these coagulants release the phosphorus back into the water where the heat and sun combine to promote algae growth.

Hang up the scrub brush

Neo WaterFX works differently. By binding tightly to the phosphorus, a dense crystalline precipitate forms that settles quickly and improves your clarifier operation. This bond holds over a wider range of pH and D.O., so changes in flows or wastewater characteristics don’t result in release of phosphorus. Lower phosphorus in your water means less algae growth. So, let the sun shine, let the temperature climb – your effluent stays clear, and your weirs stay clean.

Your operators will thank you

While there are numerous benefits to switching to Neo WaterFX for phosphorus removal in wastewater, the one mentioned most often by operators is the freedom from weir scrubbing. It is simply a task they don’t miss doing!

Of course, you must look at the whole picture, so it is important to know that Neo WaterFX is more cost effective, especially if your P limit is less than 1 mg/L. When you consider the complete cost of phosphorus removal with sludge dewatering, sludge disposal and caustic costs, your bottom line will thank you too.

So, contact us for a free consultation. Our engineers will look at your phosphorus removal related costs, your P limit, and give you an honest evaluation on whether Neo Water Treatment can help you reduce your operating costs AND help your operators hang up those weir scrub brushes.

Contact us today – before that algae begins its spring residence on your weirs!