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Sludge Reduction Benefits

NeoWaterFX300 helps water treatment facilities reduce sludge volumes, which can reduce environmental impacts and costs.

Case Study on Sludge Removal with NeoWaterFX300

Case Study on Sludge Removal with NeoWaterFX300

For example, in Albion, Pennsylvania, our products helped to drive greater biosolids removal as the clarifiers’ performance improved. This positively impacted sludge volumes and sludge belt filter press/dewatering operations. The plant wasted 27% less total sludge by volume, filter press cake solids increased by 34%, and the polymer pump speed was reduced by 9%.

As sludge density increases through NeoWaterFX100 or NeoWaterFX300 use, less water can be expected to be sent to the digester and the belt filter press, which can lead to less polymer needed for dewatering and drier belt filter press cake. Electricity usage also can be expected to decline because the clarifier sludge blankets are denser, and the sludge wasting pumps now run less frequently than before.

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