RE300 – Same Great Product But With A New Name – Neo WaterFX300

Whenever there is a name change, there is often a question – what else has changed? If you are a utility using RE300, or the less concentrated formula, RE100, you want to know, is this the same thing?

RE300 Is Now Neo WaterFX300

RE300 Is Now Neo WaterFX300

The answer is yes! Neo Water Treatment is only changing the name, not the formulas what have given wastewater utilities the ability to control their phosphorus and reach the low effluent concentrations required by their NPDES permits. Neo WaterFX300 is the same lanthanide-based treatment as RE300, and provides all the added benefits that RE300 is known for, including:

  • Better pH control
  • Conserving alkalinity to protect nitrification
  • Gin clear effluent
  • Reduced to eliminated algal growth on clarifier weirs
  • Better dewatering
  • Reduced chemical feeds, from lower feed rates of RE300, to no added caustic, to less polymer for dewatering
  • Denser, drier sludge
  • Faster, more energy efficient dewatering, and lower sludge disposal costs
  • Less corrosion
  • No toxicity

So whether you are an existing customer, or just beginning to explore your phosphate removal treatment options, you can be confident that Neo WaterFX formulas will give you the same unsurpassed treatment and control that RE300 has become known for.

RE300 Is Now Neo WaterFX300

That same reliability of RE300 to fight algal blooms is now available with the new name, Neo WaterFX.

RE300 To Neo WaterFX – Fighting Algal Blooms

Algal blooms, and the toxins they can release, continue to grow worse. These blooms threaten our water bodies, making recreation in our streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans unpleasant and potentially unsafe or even deadly. The toxins released can threaten our drinking water supplies and drive up treatment costs. As stewards of our waters, wastewater utilities need reliable, safe, and cost-effective treatments to remove phosphorus from wastewater effluent, to curb algal growth by cutting off the phosphorus that drives them.

RE300 has been a reliable ally to fight algal blooms and stay compliant with permit limits. That same reliability is now available with the new name, Neo WaterFX.

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