Phosphorus Control Products


We sell two water technology products:  RE300 and RE100.

Both RE300 and RE100 are rare earth chloride solutions containing cerium chloride (CeCl3) and Lanthanum Chloride (LaCl3) as active ingredients. These rare earth compounds have been used in over 50 wastewater treatment facilities in more than 12 states, including Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Vermont, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, and Washington.

Here are some technical characteristics of our products:

  • Product:  Rare earth chloride solution
  • Active Ingredient:  Cerium chloride (CeCl3) and Lanthanum chloride (LaCl3).
  • HMIS Ratings:
    • Health: 1
    • Flammability: 0
    • Reactivity: 0

Product Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets can be seen here:

Results from the use of our products in specific facilities can be seen here:


Features and benefits of RE300 and RE100 can be seen here.

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RE300 Rare Earth Chloride Solutions

Why Rare Earths?

As natural elements, Cerium and Lanthanum are plentiful in the Earth’s crust.  They are produced by hundreds of companies and have robust and secure supply lines.

What makes them so extraordinarily effective in removing phosphorus from wastewater? It all starts at the atomic level…