Case Studies

Neo WaterFX (formerly RE300) Case Studies

Neo WaterFX100 (formerly RE100) and Neo WaterFX300 (formerly RE300) have been used successfully at several water treatment plants in the U.S. In fact,  lanthanide salt technology has been used in over 50 facilities in over 12 states, including Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Vermont, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, Washington.

Below are summaries of the results from using Neo WaterFX (formerly RE300).

Results From Geneseo, NY

Geneseo Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 1.5 MGD municipal facility in the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York with a seasonal total phosphorus (TP) limit of 1.0 mg/L. After evaluating options to meet this limit including capital projects and various coagulants, the facility chose to dose Neo WaterFX300 (formerly RE300) into the primary clarifier influent. For two years Neo WaterFX300 (formerly RE300) has been dosed between May and October at an average of about 22 gal/day. While dosing, the effluent TP has been reduced to below the limit and the effluent total suspended solids (TSS) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) are also reduced. Thus the facility continues to meet the effluent TP limit and avoided an approximate $1.5 million installation of additional capital equipment.

Geneseo Wastewater Case Study Neo WaterFX

Results From Albion, PA

A 770,000 GPD municipal wastewater treatment plant in Albion, Pennsylvania, which was discharging to a stream leading to Lake Erie, was having difficulty meeting its total aluminum (1.1 mg/L) and total phosphorus (1.0 mg/L) permits.  After months of dosing 60 ppmv of either ferric chloride or PAC prior to the secondary clarifier, the plant was unable to meet its permit limits.  Attempts to meet the permit by increasing the dosage rate of either coagulant were unsuccessful.  When higher doses of ferric chloride were attempted, buried chemical feed lines corroded, leading to expensive repairs.  Higher doses of PAC caused aluminum concentrations in the final effluent to exceed the plant’s aluminum permit.  Since the plant was running out of options, plant management decided to conduct a full-scale trial with
Neo WaterFX100 (formerly RE100).

Albion, PA Wastewater Treatment Facility