Neo WaterFX – Reliable, Cost-effective Phosphorus Removal

Image of WaterFX and phosphorus molecules. Neo WaterFX300 phosphorus removal.

Removing phosphorus from wastewater needed a better solution. WaterFX is that solution.

Neo WaterFX is an innovative chemical coagulant that safely, efficiently removes phosphorus from wastewater, reliably achieving very low Total Phosphorus (TP) limits, while lowering overall operating costs

A solution of lanthanide salts, Lanthanum chloride (LaCl3) and Cerium chloride (CeCl3), WaterFX binds tightly to phosphorus, forming strong ionic bond to create a dense crystal. These crystals settle rapidly and remain bonded over a broad range of dissolved oxygen levels and pH.

Best of all, it is cost-effective, saving money in sludge processing and disposal, as well as reducing or eliminating other chemical feed requirements. Your operation becomes simpler, safer, and more cost-effective.

Metal salts have been used for decades. What makes Neo WaterFX different?

Metal salts, specifically aluminum and ferric salts, have been used for phosphorus removal for decades. However, these coagulants, brought over from the drinking water side of the industry, are imprecise “general” coagulants that function on the principle of adsorption, more suited to removing overall turbidity than targeting phosphorus.

To achieve low phosphorus limits, less than 1 mg/L, these “traditional” coagulants require doses many times higher than predicted from the stochiometric chemical equation. This overdosing leads to large quantities of chemical sludge that is difficult to dewater. Because of their highly acidic nature, their use also requires additional caustic feeds for pH adjustment. They are also less reliable because shifts in dissolved oxygen or pH can release phosphorus back into your effluent.

WaterFX’s unique chemistry makes the difference.

Unlike these traditional coagulants, the lanthanides in WaterFX have a very strong ionic attraction to phosphorus, bonding exclusively with it. This allows dosing at a 1 to 1 molar ratio, producing much less chemical sludge and providing more reliable phosphorus control. The dense, crystalline sludge dewaters easily, producing a drier cake, less volume, and less mass for disposal, for lower transportation and disposal costs.

Because it dewaters more easily, you may also reduce your polymer usage for more chemical savings. You may be able to run your dewatering equipment faster or reduce the run times or number of cycles due to lower volume, reducing processing time and energy consumption.

Less acidic and with the lower dosage than traditional coagulants, WaterFX does not require pH adjustment. You can eliminate the caustic feeds and pH balancing issues, simplifying your treatment, and making your facility safer for your operators.

TP limits are becoming more stringent, more challenging to meet.

Total phosphorus limits are only going to become more stringent, as warmer temperatures contribute to more algal blooms and water resources become more strained. You need a phosphorus coagulant designed specifically for the job, one that is safe, reliable and that lowers your overall operating costs. WaterFX delivers.

WaterFX comes in two concentrations for easy dosing. Whether your flow is large or small, there is a WaterFX that is right for your application.

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WaterFX – Phosphorus removal the way it should be.