Safe Removal Of Phosphorus In Wastewater Treatment

When it comes to phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment plants, phosphorus removing coagulants are NOT created equal. With Neo WaterFX you can remove phosphorus safely.

If you have been following our blogs, you know that there are several “bottom line” reasons to switch from traditional coagulants to Neo WaterFX, a lanthanide-based phosphorus removal coagulant. But there is one area just as important than the bottom line – your employees’ safety. 

Many factors impact the safety of phosphorus removal coagulants

Chemical safety, including that of coagulants used for phosphorus removal, depends upon many factors:

  • How safe (corrosive or toxic) is the chemical itself,
  • How much is needed to achieve results, and
  • Does the use of a chemical necessitate the use of other hazardous chemicals?

Non-toxic and much less corrosive – Neo WaterFX checks the first safety box

Unlike traditional iron or aluminum-based coagulants, which are highly toxic and corrosive, WaterFX is non-toxic and much less corrosive. Water FX has a much higher pH, making it less irritating and much safer to handle. With its unique chemical properties, WaterFX won’t stain or discolor your structures or equipment, for a cleaner, more pleasant facility.

Lower doses decrease shipment requirements and chemical transfers, reducing risk

Due to the unique lanthanide attraction for phosphorus, as much as 4 to 10 times less WaterFX is required to achieve low phosphorus effluent limits of under 1 mg/L compared to traditional coagulants. This translates into fewer shipments and fewer chances for a spill or mishap during chemical transfer.

Due to less acidic pH impact, there is no need for additional caustic

The low pH and high feed requirements of traditional coagulants drive down treatment plant pH, requiring caustic feeds to adjust back to effluent limits or just to maintain treatment. Caustic is highly toxic, and well, caustic – highly irritating to work with and just plain nasty. The heat tracing required to keep caustic from freezing during the winter adds yet another safety concern and opportunity for operational mishaps.

Because WaterFX is MUCH less acidic and much less is required to meet your treatment limits, there is almost no impact on wastewater pH, so no need for pH adjustment or caustic addition. Your operators will love that!

Your operators face enough hazards in the workplace – phosphorus removal does not need to be one of them.

Your operators are your most important assets. In many cases, they aren’t just employees, they are practically family. There are enough intrinsic hazards in wastewater treatment even in the best facilities. You owe it to them to reduce risks where you can, especially when you can save money and improve operations at the same time.

Phosphorus Removal From Wastewater

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