Phosphorus, and the algal blooms it feeds, may be the furthest thing from your mind in the winter, when cold temperatures and less sunlight prohibit blooms. But that is why winter is the PERFECT time to try a better solution to your phosphorus removal.

Pilot testing WaterFX requires little to no capital investment and can save on operating costs.

If you are already treating for phosphorus with a traditional aluminum or iron-based coagulant, you may be amazed at how much easier phosphorus removal is with WaterFX. Due to much better chemical bonding and selectivity for phosphorus, the dosage with WaterFX is much lower, so tankage and pump requirements are also smaller. For the pilot test, WaterFX can be delivered in IBC totes, equipped with a metering pump that can be set up in a convenient location at your WWTF.

There are typically no other chemical requirements for phosphorus removal with WaterFX. You read that right. Unlike treatment with traditional P removal coagulants, in almost all cases there is NO need for pH adjustment, so no need for caustic feeds. Wouldn’t it be great if this was your last winter of worrying about freezing caustic lines? Piloting with WaterFX can be the beginning of the end of your caustic feeds!

Engineering assistance and expert evaluation – from before you test on through cost analysis.

Before we design a pilot test, WaterFX engineers will provide a free evaluation of YOUR wastewater to be sure WaterFX is THE best solution to your phosphorus removal requirements. The focus of this evaluation is on the types of phosphorus in your wastewater, as well as other operating parameters for your system, such as sludge processing and disposal, which are impacted by phosphorus removal.

Although WaterFX is the BEST coagulant for removing phosphorus, not all phosphorus can be removed by WaterFX (or any other coagulant). Our engineers are experts at P removal, and our goal is not to sell you WaterFX, or even pilot test it, unless we are certain it will meet your needs and be the most cost-effective phosphorus removal solution. Learn more about our approach to helping you meet your P removal requirements with the most cost-effective solution here:

In the end, it is the bottom line.

Phosphorus removal impacts several costs for your treatment system. Additional chemical for pH adjustment (or, with WaterFX, eliminating this line item), additional sludge production, sludge processing and disposal costs, well as operator attention and ease of operation are all impacted by your choice of phosphorus removal coagulant. Our engineers will work with you to design a pilot test to measure all these costs, to look for savings that have a positive impact on your overall bottom line. Because, at the end of the day, the best solution is the most cost-effective one.

Ready to see if a pilot test is right for your facility?

Curious about how Neo Water Treatment has helped others meet their P removal requirements? Check out our case studies.

Then, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to see if pilot testing WaterFX might be right for your treatment system. See why hundreds of other facilities have switched to Neo WaterFX for their phosphorus removal needs.