Nothing makes a WWTF operator prouder than the sight of gin-clear effluent spilling over the weirs of the clarifiers. Few things spoil that beautiful sight more than algae growing in the clarifier, catching on the weir as the effluent spills over, floating in the clarifier tank like a fuzzy green cloud.

Algae flourishes in wastewater that is high in phosphorus, clouding your effluent. If you have a phosphorus limit, you are probably treating with a coagulant that is iron or aluminum based, but your effluent may still be cloudy. The problem is your coagulant. Iron and aluminum-based coagulants create fluffy flocks that don’t settle quickly and completely. Worse, they don’t hold onto phosphorus tightly, so fluctuations in dissolved oxygen or pH can cause them to release phosphorus in the clarifier, leading to algal growth in your wastewater.

But you can upgrade the phosphorus removal in your wastewater and achieve that gin-clear effluent with a simple and cost-effective upgrade of your coagulant. Neo WaterFX is a lanthanide-based phosphorus removal coagulant that latches onto the phosphorus in your wastewater and forms a strong crystalline bond. These crystals are dense, settling fast and completely. Best of all, these bonds are strong so there is no release of phosphorus in your clarifier no matter how the D.O. or pH may fluctuate. The net result is denser biosolids and much better clarity in your clarifier. In short, you will achieve that gin-clear effluent that will make you proud.

If you are required to reduce phosphorus in your effluent and want to achieve that gin-clear success while saving money and simplifying your operations, you owe it to yourself (and your effluent) to contact us for a consultation. We can look at your influent levels, effluent requirements, flow and chemical usage and help you evaluate if switching to WaterFX is right for your plant. The consult is free and no obligation. Contact us at and go from cloudy to clear, gin-clear.