RE300 is now NeoWaterFX

Introducing NeoWaterFX


RE300 is now NeoWaterFX

A Better Way to Control Phosphorus

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NeoWaterFX300 removes phosphorus with extraordinary efficiency.

A Better Way to Control Phosphorus

Efficient Phosphorus Removal


NeoWaterFX300 is helping wastewater plant operators remove phosphorus with reduced coagulant volumes and less chemical sludge.

Greatly Reduced Sludge Volume

Reduced Sludge Volume


NeoWaterFX300 reduces sludge volumes, improves dewatering, and cuts maintenance and haulage costs — up to 60%.

Proven Results in the Field

Proven Results


NeoWaterFX300 is being successfully deployed in a number of wastewater plants. Case studies demonstrate both performance and cost/benefits.

Neo Water Treatment Introduces NeoWaterFX™️

RE300 is now NeoWaterFX300. RE100 Returns as NeoWaterFX100.

Innovative Chemistry in Wastewater Treatment

Innovative Chemistry in Wastewater Treatment

The growing complexity of challenges faced by today’s wastewater treatment plant operators is daunting.  It also underscores a common reality shared by all wastewater treatment plant professionals: chemistry matters.

Excellent Phosphorus Removal

NeoWaterFX300 can deliver very high rates of phosphorus removal from wastewater. Levels of less than 0.07 mg/l can be achieved with significantly lower dose rates than competing technologies.

Phosphorus Removal From Wastewater
Wastewater Sludge Reduction

Less Sludge Volume

NeoWaterFX300 offers superior performance in sludge reduction over ferric chloride, aluminum chloride, or polymer coagulants. Reductions in sludge volumes of up to 60% have been achieved.

Proven Results

Rare earth chloride products have been used in over 50 facilities, from 0.02 MGD to 45 MGD in size, in states such as Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Vermont, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Washington, and others.

Rare Earth Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Powerful Benefits

NeoWaterFX300 helps wastewater facilities achieved greater water clarity than competing products, as well as faster coagulation, improved sludge dewatering, better digester performance, and no staining or discoloration of facility structures.

Can We Help You Meet Your Phosphorus Challenge?

If your treatment plant is facing serious challenges in reducing phosphorus, and you would like to cut your sludge removal and other costs, get in touch with us.